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Access VBA: 2013

Available Dates: July 17-19, Aug 6-8, Sept 24-26, Oct 16-18, Nov 5-7, Dec 3-5
Class Length: 3 day
Cost: $1,295

Class Outline:

Course Outline:

Unit 1: Getting Started
Topic A: Introduction to Programming in Access
Topic B: Why Program in Access?
Topic C: Understanding the Development Environment
Topic D: Using Visual Basic Help

Unit 2: Working with Procedures and Functions
Topic A: Understanding Modules
Topic B: Creating a Standard Module
Topic C: Understanding Procedures
Topic D: Creating a Sub Procedure
Topic E: Calling Procedures
Topic F: Using the Immediate Window to Call Procedures
Topic G: Creating a Function Procedure
Topic H: Naming Procedures
Topic I: Organizing Code and Procedures
Topic J: Working with the Code Editor

Unit 3: Understanding Objects
Topic A: Understanding Classes and Objects
Topic B: Navigating the Access Object Hierarchy
Topic C: Understanding Collections
Topic D: Using the Object Browser
Topic E: Working with the Application Object
Topic F: Understanding the Form Object
Topic G: Working with Properties
Topic H: Using the With Statement
Topic I: Working with Methods
Topic J: Understanding the DoCmd Object
Topic K: Working with Events
Topic L: Understanding the Order of Events

Unit 4: Using Expressions, Variables, and Intrinsic Functions
Topic A: Understanding Expressions and Statements
Topic B: Declaring Variables
Topic C: Understanding Data Types
Topic D: Working with Variable Scope
Topic E: Working with Variable Lifetime
Topic F: Considering Variable Scope and Lifetime Together
Topic G: Using Intrinsic Functions
Topic H: Understanding Constants
Topic I: Using Intrinsic Constants
Topic J: Using Message Boxes
Topic K: Using Input Boxes

Unit 5: Controlling Program Execution
Topic A: Understanding Control-of-Flow Structures
Topic B: Working with Boolean Expressions
Topic C: Using the If...End If Decision Structures
Topic D: Using the Select Case...End Select Structure
Topic E: Using the For...Next Structure
Topic F: Using the For Each...Next Structure
Topic G: Using the Do...Loop Structure
Topic H: Guidelines for use of Branching Structures

Unit 6: Working with Recordsets
Topic A: Declaring and Creating Object Variables
Topic B: Working with the DAO Recordset Object

Unit 7: Debugging Code
Topic A: Understanding Errors
Topic B: Using Debugging Tools
Topic C: Setting Breakpoints
Topic D: Setting Break Expressions
Topic E: Using Break Mode during Run Mode
Topic F: Stepping through Code
Topic G: Determining the Value of Expressions

Unit 8: Handling Errors
Topic A: Understanding Error Handling
Topic B: Understanding VBA's Error Trapping Options
Topic C: Trapping Errors with the On Error Statement
Topic D: Understanding the Err Object
Topic E: Writing an Error-Handling Routine
Topic F: Working with Inline Error Handling