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Access 2013: Queries in Depth

Available Dates: Call for Dates
Class Length: 3 Hours day
Cost: $125

Class Outline:

Get more out of your Access database than just the data you put into it, using queries—tools that help you translate complex raw data into information you can use to make better decisions. Learn how to create real-world queries to filter and sort data, perform calculations, and refine query results with built-in functions, all while offering challenges that help you master the material. Find out how to identify top performers, automate repetitive analysis tasks, and increase accuracy and consistency in your database using program flow functions.

Topics include:

•Defining criteria
•Understanding comparison operators
•Using joins
•Creating parameter queries
•Using Expression Builder to work with functions
•Working with dates and times
•Creating conditional statements
•Finding duplicate records
•Creating backups
•Making, deleting, and appending records
•Understanding SQL basics and writing SQL queries
•Useful query tricks