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Linux Professional: Network Administration

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Class Length: 5 day
Cost: $2,495

Class Outline:

Course Description:
Linux Professional: Network Administration will introduce students to the basics of configuring Linux servers for networking services. We organized each lesson into explanatory topics and step-by-step activities. Topics provide the theory you need to master the Linux operating system; activities allow you to apply this theory to practical hands-on examples.

Course Content:

Lesson 1: Networking and TCP/IP on Linux
Topic 1A: Fundamentals of Linux Networking
Topic 1B: Fundamentals of TCP/IP on the Linux Operating System
Topic 1C: Advanced Linux TCP/IP Concepts
Topic 1D: Introduction to Dial-up Technologies

Lesson 2: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
Topic 2A: Introduction to BOOTP and DHCP
Topic 2B: Installing and Examining a Linux DHCP Server
Topic 2C: Examining Additional DHCP Options and Configurations

Lesson 3: Domain Name System
Topic 3A: Introduction to the Domain Name System
Topic 3B: Installing and Configuring DNS

Lesson 4: The Network File System
Topic 4A: Introduction to the Network File System
Topic 4B: Configuring NFS

Lesson 5: Linux Remote Administration
Topic 5A: Introduction to Remote Administration
Topic 5B: The Telnet Protocol
Topic 5C: The Berkeley r Series of Commands
Topic 5D: The Open Secure Shell Protocol

Lesson 6: The Cron Daemon
Topic 6A: Introduction to Automation
Topic 6B: Configuring the Cron Daemon

Lesson 7: Samba
Topic 7A: Introduction to Samba
Topic 7B: Cross-platform Connectivity
Topic 7C: Installing and Configuring Samba

Lesson 8: Linux System-wide Logging
Topic 8A: Introduction to System-wide Logging
Topic 8B: Configuring System Logging

Lesson 9: The Network Information Service
Topic 9A: Introduction to NIS
Topic 9B: Setting Up and Configuring an NIS Server

Lesson 10: Common Network Troubleshooting on Linux
Topic 10A: Troubleshooting Concepts and Techniques
Topic 10B: Network Boot Disks and Single-User Mode Linux
Topic 10C: Linux TCP/IP Troubleshooting
Topic 10D: Troubleshooting Server Problems