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Word 2003: Level 3

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Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $199

Class Outline:

This course teaches advanced-level functions and features of Word 2003. Students will learn how to perform a mail merge, create and modify forms, work with large documents, and create macros. They'll also learn how to customize menus and toolbars, and they'll work with Word's XML-based features. This course is approved courseware for Microsoft Office Specialist certification.

Table of Contents:
Unit 1 : Using Mail Merge
Topic A: Creating form letters
A-1: Specifying the main document and data source
A-2: Customizing a form letter
A-3: Merging a data source with a form letter
Topic B: Working with data sources
B-1: Creating and using a data source
B-2: Sorting records
B-3: Filtering records
Topic C: Creating mailing labels
C-1: Preparing mailing labels
C-2: Printing mailing labels

Unit 2 : Working with forms
Topic A: Creating forms
A-1: Examining a form
A-2: Adding field labels
A-3: Adding text fields
A-4: Adding number and date fields
A-5: Adding a drop-down field
A-6: Adding help text to a field
A-7: Adding check box fields
Topic B: Modifying forms
B-1: Changing the order of form fields
B-2: Deleting a field
B-3: Modifying a drop-down list
Topic C: Protecting and printing forms
C-1: Protecting a form
C-2: Removing protection
C-3: Setting permissions for a user
C-4: Printing a form
C-5: Using a form template
Topic D: Using digital signatures
D-1: Discussing digital signatures

Unit 3 : Working with large documents
Topic A: Master documents
A-1: Inserting subdocuments
A-2: Working in Master Document view
A-3: Deleting a subdocument
A-4: Creating a table of contents
A-5: Adding a caption
A-6: Inserting a table of figures
A-7: Using the AutoSummarize and readability tools
Topic B: Footnotes and endnotes
B-1: Adding and formatting a footnote
B-2: Modifying a footnote
B-3: Adding and formatting an endnote
B-4: Deleting a footnote and an endnote
Topic C: Indexes
C-1: Creating main index entries and subentries
C-2: Generating an index
Topic D: Bookmarks and cross-references
D-1: Creating bookmarks
D-2: Locating bookmarks in a document
D-3: Deleting a bookmark
D-4: Creating a cross-reference
Topic E: Web frames
E-1: Creating a frames page
E-2: Modifying a frames page

Unit 4 : Creating macros
Topic A: Recording and running macros
A-1: Recording a macro
A-2: Viewing a macro script
A-3: Running a macro
Topic B: Modifying and deleting macros
B-1: Modifying a macro
B-2: Copying a macro
B-3: Deleting a macro
Topic C: Using macros in forms
C-1: Creating a macro to reset form fields

Unit 5 : Customizing menus and toolbars
Topic A: Creating custom menus
A-1: Creating a custom menu
A-2: Adding keyboard shortcuts to a submenu
A-3: Editing a custom menu
Topic B: Customizing toolbars
B-1: Modifying a built-in toolbar
B-2: Creating a custom toolbar
B-3: Adding a macro to a toolbar
B-4: Deleting a custom toolbar

Unit 6 : Using XML features in Word
Topic A: Working with XML
A-1: Creating an XML document
A-2: Attaching an XML schema to a Word document
A-3: Modifying the XML options
A-4: Testing the schema validation
A-5: Applying a transform to an XML document
A-6: Creating a smart document

Appendix A : Sharing Word documents
Topic A: Shared Workspaces
Topic B: Web discussions

Appendix B : MOS exam objectives maps
Topic A: Core exam objectives
Topic B: Expert exam objectives