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Word 2003: Level 2

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Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $199

Class Outline:

This course teaches intermediate-level features and functions of Word 2003. Students will learn how to work with sections and columns, format tables, import Excel data, create and modify styles, and work with headers and footers. They will also learn how to print labels and envelopes, work with graphics and objects, apply and create templates, and manage document versions. This course is approved courseware for Microsoft Office Specialist certification.

Table of Contents:
Unit 1 : Working with sections and columns
Topic A: Creating and formatting sections
A-1: Inserting section breaks
A-2: Formatting sections
Topic B: Working with multiple columns
B-1: Formatting text into columns
B-2: Inserting column breaks and defining the spacing
B-3: Adding a heading across columns
B-4: Deleting a column break
B-5: Removing columns
Topic C: Working with text in columns
C-1: Adding text and headings to columns
C-2: Sorting text in a column

Unit 2 : Formatting tables
Topic A: Table formatting basics
A-1: Aligning text in table cells
A-2: Merging table cells
A-3: Changing text orientation
A-4: Changing row height
A-5: Distributing columns evenly across a table
Topic B: Borders and shading
B-1: Adding borders to a table
B-2: Shading table cells
Topic C: Table AutoFormat
C-1: Using AutoFormat to format a table
C-2: Setting the default table format
Topic D: Drawing tables
D-1: Drawing a table
D-2: Using the Eraser button to modify a table

Unit 3 : Working with Excel dataTopic A: Importing data and creating charts
A-1: Importing data from an Excel worksheet
A-2: Formatting data in a table
A-3: Creating a chart
A-4: Modifying a chart
Topic B: Performing calculations in tables
B-1: Calculating totals
B-2: Copying a formula
B-3: Creating a formula
Topic C: Linking and embedding data
C-1: Embedding Excel data in Word
C-2: Linking Excel data in Word

Unit 4 : Working with styles
Topic A: Creating styles
A-1: Applying a style
A-2: Creating a style by example
A-3: Using the Styles and Formatting task pane
A-4: Defining and applying a list style
A-5: Defining and applying a table style
Topic B: Modifying and deleting styles
B-1: Modifying a style
B-2: Overriding a style
B-3: Deleting a style
Topic C: Navigating in large documents
C-1: Creating a document outline
C-2: Using the Document Map pane
C-3: Using thumbnails

Unit 5 : Headers and footers
Topic A: Different headers and footers
A-1: Creating a first-page header and footer
A-2: Creating odd- and even-page headers and footers
A-3: Creating section headers and footers
Topic B: Page numbering
B-1: Inserting page numbers
B-2: Suppressing the page number for the first page
B-3: Formatting page numbers
B-4: Including chapter numbers

Unit 6 : Printing labels and envelopes
Topic A: Labels and envelopes
A-1: Printing a single label
A-2: Printing a single envelope

Unit 7 : Working with graphics and objects
Topic A: Working with graphics and clip art
A-1: Inserting a graphic from a file
A-2: Inserting clip art
A-3: Modifying and moving a graphic
A-4: Adjusting the contrast and brightness of a graphic
A-5: Adding a border to a graphic
A-6: Wrapping text around a graphic
Topic B: Inserting WordArt and symbols
B-1: Inserting a WordArt object
B-2: Editing and moving a WordArt object
B-3: Inserting a symbol
Topic C: Customizing the background
C-1: Adding background colors and fill effects
C-2: Adding a watermark
C-3: Applying themes
Topic D: Using drawing tools
D-1: Creating lines and figures
D-2: Grouping drawing objects
D-3: Creating and modifying a text box
D-4: Inserting a conceptual diagram
D-5: Creating a callout

Unit 8 : Document templates
Topic A: Template basics
A-1: Using a built-in template
A-2: Using a template wizard to create a letter
Topic B: Creating templates
B-1: Creating a template from a document
B-2: Protecting the template
B-3: Viewing and editing document properties
B-4: Creating a custom template
B-5: Adding fields to a template
B-6: Modifying fields in a template
B-7: Applying formatting restrictions

Unit 9 : Managing document revisions
Topic A: Tracking changes in a document
A-1: Tracking changes while editing
A-2: Reviewing and accepting revisions
A-3: Reviewing changes by different reviewers
A-4: Restricting edits to tracked changes
A-5: Merging revisions
Topic B: Working with comments
B-1: Inserting comments
B-2: Editing comments
B-3: Viewing comments
B-4: Printing comments
B-5: Deleting a comment
Topic C: Comparing document versions
C-1: Creating different versions of a document
C-2: Saving a version separately
C-3: Comparing versions

Appendix A : MOS exam objectives maps
Topic A: Core exam objectives
Topic B: Expert exam objectives