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Publisher 2003: Level 2

Available Dates: Request Dates
Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $199

Class Outline:

This course is designed to give proficiency in creating newsletters, designing Web sites, seting up mail merges, and performing other advanced-level tasks.

Table of Contents:
Unit 1: Working with newsletters
Topic A: Getting started with newsletters
Topic B: Modifying newsletters

Unit 2: Designing Web sites
Topic A: Exploring Web sites
Topic B: Creating Web sites
Topic C: Modifying Web sites
Topic D: Working with form pages

Unit 3: Linking Web pages
Topic A: Creating hyperlinks
Topic B: Modifying hyperlinks
Topic C: Working with hot spots

Unit 4: Publishing Web sites
Topic A: Converting to HTML
Topic B: Understanding FTP and publishing Web sites

Unit 5: Mail merge
Topic A: Creating data sources
Topic B: Merging data sources with publications
Topic C: Sorting and filtering
Topic D: Completing and canceling a merge

Unit 6: Integrating with Office 2003
Topic A: Importing from other applications

-Preview a Web site that was created in Publisher, create a Web site, insert and delete pages, format pages, and edit your personal information set, insert Web page components, such as logos, pictures, borders, background sounds, and motion clips, insert preformatted form pages, and create and customize form pages.

-Create and modify hyperlinks and work with hot spots.

-Save a Web site to their drive in the HTML format and upload a Web site to a network server via FTP.

-Create and edit an address list, merge a publication with a Publisher address list and a data source created in Microsoft Word, sort a recipient list, remove individual recipients, filter a recipient list, complete and cancel a mail merge.