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Project 2003: Level 2

Available Dates: Request Dates
Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $199

Class Outline:

Unit 1 : Tracking project work
Topic A: Managing a project
A-1: Saving a baseline plan
Topic B: Updating the progress of tasks
B-1: Updating the percent complete of a task
B-2: Updating actual start and finish dates
B-3: Updating tasks that are in progress
B-4: Updating the actual work performed on a task
B-5: Saving an interim plan
Topic C: Observing project progress
C-1: Displaying the Earned Value table
C-2: Viewing progress in Network Diagram view

Unit 2 : Analyzing and adjusting the plan
Topic A: Analyzing the plan
A-1: Viewing project statistics
A-2: Displaying slippage and slack in a plan
Topic B: Rescheduling tasks
B-1: Splitting a task
B-2: Delaying resource work
B-3: Assigning overtime

Unit 3 : Formatting and reporting
Topic A: Formatting a project file
A-1: Modifying a bar style
A-2: Formatting a timescale
Topic B: Using drawing tools
B-1: Using the Drawing toolbar
Topic C: Printing views and reports
C-1: Printing the current view as a report
C-2: Printing a report
Topic D: Customizing reports
D-1: Creating a custom report
D-2: Creating a Crosstab report

Unit 4 : Customizing the project environment
Topic A: Creating custom views
A-1: Creating a custom Network Diagram view
A-2: Creating a combination view
Topic B: Creating macros
B-1: Creating a macro
B-2: Running a macro
Topic C: Creating a toolbar and a menu
C-1: Creating a toolbar
C-2: Deleting a toolbar
C-3: Creating a new menu
C-4: Deleting a menu
Topic D: Creating a custom table
D-1: Creating a custom table

Unit 5 : Managing multiple projects
Topic A: Consolidating and sharing projects
A-1: Consolidating project files
A-2: Linking tasks across projects
A-3: Assigning project and task priorities
A-4: Making an existing filter global
A-5: Sharing a filter between projects
Topic B: Sharing resources across projects
B-1: Sharing resources from another project

Unit 6 : Project communications
Topic A: Communicating among a project team
A-1: Discussing Microsoft Project Server 2003
A-2: Sending task assignment requests
A-3: Sending status requests
A-4: Sending schedule notes
Topic B: Exporting project data to the Web
B-1: Saving the project file as a Web page
B-2: Viewing the project file as a Web page
Topic C: Working with hyperlinks
C-1: Adding a hyperlink
Topic D: Saving projects to Microsoft Project 98
D-1: Saving a project file to Microsoft Project 98
D-2: Identifying lost elements

Unit 7 : Exchanging project data
Topic A: Importing data
A-1: Importing data from a Microsoft Excel workbook
A-2: Importing data from a Microsoft Access database
Topic B: Exporting data
B-1: Exporting data to a Microsoft Excel workbook
B-2: Exporting data to a Microsoft Access database
Topic C: Copying data
C-1: Copying a Gantt chart to a Microsoft Word document
C-2: Copying task sheet information to a Microsoft Excel worksheet