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Project 2003: Level 1

Available Dates: Request Dates
Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $199

Class Outline:

Unit 1: Getting started
Topic A: Project management concepts
A-1: Discussing project management concepts
A-2: Discussing project management tools
Topic B: Exploring the Project 2003 window
B-1: Starting Project 2003
B-2: Examining the Project Guide
B-3: Opening an existing project in Gantt Chart view
B-4: Navigating views
Topic C: Using Help
C-1: Using the Office Assistant
C-2: Using the Help task pane
Topic D: Working with project files
D-1: Creating a new project file
D-2: Saving a project file
D-3: Setting Auto Save
Topic E: Closing project files and closing Project 2003
E-1: Closing a file and closing Project 2003

Unit 2 : Working with tasks
Topic A: Creating a task list
A-1: Adding tasks and durations
A-2: Calculating the estimated duration of a task
Topic B: Modifying a task list
B-1: Inserting and deleting tasks
B-2: Moving a task
Topic C: Creating a Work Breakdown Structure
C-1: Adding a project summary task
C-2: Indenting and outdenting tasks
C-3: Hiding and unhiding subtasks

Unit 3 : Scheduling tasks
Topic A: Setting up task links
A-1: Linking and unlinking tasks
A-2: Changing links by changing predecessors
A-3: Adding lead and lag time to tasks
A-4: Adding recurring tasks
Topic B: Working in Network Diagram view
B-1: Exploring Network Diagram view
B-2: Modifying links in Network Diagram view
Topic C: Working with advanced task options
C-1: Changing a task type
C-2: Setting a milestone
C-3: Setting a task constraint

Unit 4 : Managing resources
Topic A: Creating base calendars
A-1: Creating a new base calendar
Topic B: Working with resources and calendars
B-1: Creating a resource pool in Resource Sheet view
B-2: Creating a resource calendar
B-3: Assigning a single resource to a task
B-4: Assigning multiple tasks and multiple resources
B-5: Creating and applying a task calendar
Topic C: Working with resource costs
C-1: Entering resource costs
C-2: Using the Cost table

Unit 5 : Working with views and tables
Topic A: Working with views
A-1: Exploring Calendar view
A-2: Exploring a form view
Topic B: Working with tables
B-1: Creating a new table from an existing table
B-2: Modifying a table

Unit 6 : Filtering, grouping, and sorting
Topic A: Working with filters
A-1: Using a standard filter
A-2: Using an AutoFilter
A-3: Creating an interactive filter
Topic B: Working with groups
B-1: Using a predefined group
B-2: Creating a custom group
Topic C: Sorting tasks and resources
C-1: Sorting a task list
C-2: Sorting a resource list
C-3: Renumbering the sorted resource list

Unit 7 : Finalizing the task plan
Topic A: Finalizing schedules
A-1: Displaying the critical path
A-2: Editing effort-driven and non-effort-driven tasks
Topic B: Resolving resource conflicts
B-1: Identifying resource over-allocation
B-2: Discussing resource over-allocation
B-3: Filtering for resources in a specified group
B-4: Leveling resources manually

B-1: Setting permissions
C-1: Publishing a Web