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PowerPoint 2003: Level 2

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Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $199

Class Outline:

This course teaches advanced-level functions and features of PowerPoint 2003. Students will learn how to create and modify templates, build a custom slide master, and insert multimedia elements. They'll also learn advanced techniques for working with charts, tables, clip art, and drawing tools. Students will add and modify action buttons, use advanced delivery techniques, customize and create toolbars, and create macros. Finally, they'll learn how to integrate PowerPoint with other Office programs.

Course Length: One day

Table of Contents:

Unit 1: Building custom presentations
Topic A: Modifying templates
Topic B: Building custom templates
Topic C: Building custom slide masters
Topic D: Advanced slide master techniques

Unit 2: Using multimedia in presentations
Topic A: Advanced clip art and drawing techniques
Topic B: Adding movies and sound
Topic C: Using animations
Topic D: Using scanned images

Unit 3: Using organization charts and tables
Topic A: Advanced organization chart options
Topic B: Formatting and modifying tables

Unit 4: Advanced presentation techniques
Topic A: Adding special effects
Topic B: Working with slide show options
Topic C: Setting up review cycles

Unit 5: Advanced presentation delivery options
Topic A: Online meetings
Topic B: Working with shared workspaces
Topic C: Working with the Package for CD feature
Topic D: Advanced delivery techniques

Unit 6: Customizing the environment
Topic A: Customizing and creating toolbars
Topic B: Automating your work

Unit 7: Microsoft Office integration
Topic A: Working with Excel
Topic B: Working with Word

Appendix A: Microsoft Office Specialist exam objectives map
Topic A: Comprehensive exam objectives

Modify a template; create a template from a blank presentation, and add graphic elements to it; build a custom slide master; and work with slide masters.

Work with advanced clip art and drawing techniques; and add sound clips, movie clips, animation effects, and scanned images to a presentation.

Use advanced organization-chart options; format tables; and draw tables in a presentation.

Add and modify action buttons; create and edit custom slide shows; and set up a review cycle.

Use Microsoft NetMeeting to broadcast a presentation on demand; work with shared workspaces; embed fonts and compress pictures; use the Package for CD feature; run a packaged presentation; and use advanced delivery techniques.

Customize a toolbar; create a toolbar; and create and run a macro.

Insert and edit an Excel worksheet; build slides from a Word outline; insert a Word table into a presentation; send a presentation to Word; edit a presentation in Word; and save a presentation as an RTF outline.