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Excel 2003: Level 1

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Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $199

Class Outline:

This course teaches the basic functions and features of Excel 2003. Students will learn how to enter and edit data, labels, and formulas, work with functions, format cells, print worksheets, create charts, and save a workbook as a Web page. This course is designed for students with little or no Excel experience.

Table of Contents:

Unit 1 : Getting started
Topic A: Spreadsheet terminology
A-1: Discussing spreadsheet terminology
Topic B: Exploring the Excel window
B-1: Starting Excel
B-2: Examining Excel window components
Topic C: Getting help
C-1: Using the Ask a Question box
C-2: Working with the Office Assistant
C-3: Using the Help task pane
Topic D: Opening and navigating workbooks
D-1: Opening a workbook
D-2: Navigating a worksheet
Topic E: Closing workbooks
E-1: Closing a workbook and Excel

Unit 2 : Entering and editing data
Topic A: Creating workbooks
A-1: Creating a default Excel workbook
Topic B: Entering and editing labels and values
B-1: Entering labels and values
B-2: Editing a label
B-3: Finding and replacing
Topic C: Entering and editing formulas
C-1: Entering a formula by typing
C-2: Using the mouse to enter cell references
C-3: Editing a formula
Topic D: Saving and updating workbooks
D-1: Saving a workbook
D-2: Changing and updating a workbook

Unit 3 : Modifying a worksheet
Topic A: Moving and copying data
A-1: Moving data in a worksheet
A-2: Copying data in a worksheet
A-3: Moving data by using the drag-and-drop method
A-4: Copying data by using the drag-and-drop method
A-5: Copying data by using the Clipboard
Topic B: Moving and copying formulas
B-1: Using shortcut menus to move formulas
B-2: Copying a formula
B-3: Using the fill handle to copy formulas
Topic C: Using absolute references
C-1: Observing the limitations of relative references
C-2: Using absolute references
Topic D: Inserting and deleting ranges
D-1: Inserting a range
D-2: Inserting a row
D-3: Deleting a range

Unit 4 : Using functionsTopic A: Entering functions
A-1: Entering a SUM function
A-2: Using the mouse to enter a function argument
A-3: Inserting a SUM function
Topic B: Using AutoSum
B-1: Using the AutoSum button
B-2: Using AutoSum to enter several SUM functions
Topic C: Using AVERAGE, MIN, and MAX
C-1: Using AVERAGE
C-2: Using MIN
C-3: Using MAX

Unit 5 : Formatting worksheets
Topic A: Formatting text
A-1: Formatting text by using the toolbar
A-2: Formatting a non-contiguous range
A-3: Using the Format Cells dialog box to format text
Topic B: Formatting rows and columns
B-1: Changing column widths and row heights
B-2: Setting alignment
B-3: Applying borders to ranges
B-4: Using the border-drawing pencil
Topic C: Number formatting
C-1: Using the Formatting toolbar to format numbers
C-2: Exploring the Number tab
C-3: Creating a conditional format
Topic D: Using Format Painter and AutoFormat
D-1: Copying and clearing formatting
D-2: Using the AutoFormat dialog box to format a range
D-3: Using Find and Replace to change cell formats

Unit 6 : Printing
Topic A: Preparing to print
A-1: Checking spelling in a worksheet
A-2: Using the Research task pane
A-3: Previewing a worksheet
Topic B: Page Setup options
B-1: Setting page orientation
B-2: Setting margins
B-3: Creating custom headers and footers
B-4: Displaying gridlines and observing sheet options
Topic C: Printing worksheets
C-1: Printing a worksheet
C-2: Working with the print area

Unit 7 : Creating charts
Topic A: Chart basics
A-1: Creating a chart
A-2: Examining chart elements
A-3: Creating an embedded chart
Topic B: Modifying charts
B-1: Changing a chart type
B-2: Formatting chart elements
B-3: Modifying an embedded chart
Topic C: Printing charts
C-1: Printing a chart

Unit 8 : Web features
Topic A: Saving workbooks as Web pages
A-1: Saving a workbook
A-2: Using the Publish as Web Page dialog box
Topic B: Hyperlinks
B-1: Inserting and editing hyperlinks
Topic C: Sending workbooks via e-mail
C-1: Using e-mail to share a workbook

Appendix A : Instant messaging
Topic A: Instant messages
Appendix B : Alternative user input
Topic A: Speech recognition
Topic B: Handwriting recognition
Appendix C : MOS exam objectives map
Topic A: Core exam objectives
Topic B: Expert exam objectives