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Access 2003: Level 3

Available Dates: Request Dates
Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $199

Class Outline:

This course on Access 2003 teaches advanced techniques such as: querying with SQL; using crosstab, parameter, and action queries; creating and running macros; importing, exporting, and linking database objects; optimizing, replicating, and synchronizing databases; and basic database security.

Unit 1: Macros
Topic A: Creating and running macros
Topic B: Attaching macros to events of database objects

Unit 2: Advanced macros
Topic A: Creating macros to provide user interaction
Topic B: Creating macros that require user decision
Topic C: Using AutoKeys and AutoExec macros

Unit 3: Advanced queries
Topic A: Creating crosstab queries
Topic B: Using parameter queries
Topic C: Using action queries

Unit 4: Querying with SQL
Topic A: The SQL statement
Topic B: Writing SQL statements
Topic C: Attaching an SQL statement to database objects

Unit 5: Importing, exporting, and linking objects
Topic A: Importing Access objects
Topic B: Exporting Access objects
Topic C: XML documents
Topic D: Linking Access objects
Topic E: Working with shared databases

Unit 6: Database management
Topic A: Optimizing resources
Topic B: Ensuring database integrity

Unit 7: Security fundamentals
Topic A: Protecting databases
Topic B: Encrypting and decrypting databases
Topic C: User-level security

Unit 8: Modules and MDE files
Topic A: Understanding modules
Topic B: Understanding MDE files

-Use SQL statements and examine them in Access, write SQL statements to create queries, and attach an SQL statement to a command button.

-Create crosstab queries to summarize grouped data, create parameter queries to view results based on specified criteria, and create action queries to add, delete, and modify data in tables and to create new tables.

-Create and run macros to automate tasks and attach macros to the events of database objects.

-Create data validation and data-entry macros, create macros that run parameter queries, create the AutoKeys and AutoExec macros, and create macros to import and export database objects.

-Import Access objects into an active database from another Access database and from Excel, export objects from one active database to another Access database, export and import XML documents, link objects from one database to another and update the links, and export and import tables and queries to the Windows SharePoint Services site.

-Work with database utilities to optimize resources and replicate and synchronize a database.

-Use a password to secure database files, encrypt and decrypt databases, and set specific permissions for users to secure database objects.