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Access 2003: Level 2

Available Dates: Request Dates
Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $199

Class Outline:

This course teaches intermediate-level features and functions of Access 2003. Students will learn how to set table relationships, work with Lookup fields and subdatasheets, create join queries, create PivotTables and PivotCharts, and use hyperlink fields and data access pages.

Unit 1: Relational databases
Topic A: Database normalization
Topic B: Relating tables
Topic C: Implementing referential integrity

Unit 2: Working with related tables
Topic A: Using the Lookup Wizard
Topic B: Modifying Lookup fields
Topic C: Adding data to related tables

Unit 3: Complex queries
Topic A: Joining tables in queries
Topic B: Creating calculated fields
Topic C: Summarizing and grouping values

Unit 4: Advanced form design
Topic A: Adding unbound controls
Topic B: Adding graphics
Topic C: Adding calculations
Topic D: Adding combo boxes

Unit 5: Advanced reports
Topic A: Creating customized headers and footers
Topic B: Adding calculated values
Topic C: Working with subreports

Unit 6: Creating charts
Topic A: Creating charts in forms
Topic B: Creating charts in reports

Unit 7: PivotTables and PivotCharts
Topic A: Creating PivotTables
Topic B: Modifying PivotTables
Topic C: Working with PivotCharts

Unit 8: Internet integration
Topic A: Working with hyperlink fields
Topic B: Working with data access pages

-Normalize tables, set table relationships, and implement referential integrity between related tables.

-Create a Lookup list field, modify Lookup field properties, and use a subdatasheet to add data to related tables.

-Create join queries, create calculated fields in a query, and use queries to view summarized and grouped data.

-Add unbound controls, graphics, calculated fields, and a combo box to a form.

-Add headers and footers in a report, use functions to add calculated values in a report, and embed a subreport in a report.

-Create and modify charts in forms and reports.

-Create a PivotTable, modify a PivotTable, and create a PivotChart.

-Create and use hyperlink fields and data access pages.