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Access 2003: Level 1

Available Dates: Request Dates
Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $199

Class Outline:

This course teaches the basic functions and features of Access 2003. Students will learn how to plan and create a database, work with tables, create queries and forms, filter records, and generate reports. This course is designed for students with little or no Access experience, and it maps to Microsoft's MOS exam objectives.

Unit 1: Getting started
Topic A: Database concepts and terminology
Topic B: Exploring the program environment
Topic C: Getting help
Topic D: Closing databases

Unit 2: Databases and tables
Topic A: Planning and designing databases
Topic B: Exploring tables
Topic C: Creating tables

Unit 3: Fields and records
Topic A: Changing the design of a table
Topic B: Finding and editing records
Topic C: Organizing records

Unit 4: Data entry rules
Topic A: Setting field properties
Topic B: Working with input masks
Topic C: Setting validation rules
Topic D: Using indexes

Unit 5: Simple queries
Topic A: Creating and using queries
Topic B: Modifying query results and queries
Topic C: Performing operations in queries

Unit 6: Using forms
Topic A: Creating forms
Topic B: Using the Form Wizard
Topic C: Using Design view
Topic D: Finding, sorting, and filtering records

Unit 7: Creating reports
Topic A: Creating reports
Topic B: Modifying and printing reports

Appendix A: Instant Messaging
Topic A: Sending and receiving instant messages

-Organize data efficiently by using a database management system; start Access and open Access databases; and use the Help feature.

-Plan and create a database; use Datasheet view and Design view; and create tables and work in tables.

-Modify a tableâ¿¿s design; use the Find feature and the spelling checker; and sort, filter, and delete records.

-Set field properties; create input masks; set validation rules; and create single- and multiple-field indexes.

-Create queries, and sort and filter the results; modify queries; and perform operations in queries.

-Create, modify, and work with forms; and use them to find, sort, and filter records.

-Create reports by using AutoReport, the Report Wizard, Design view, and queries; and modify and print reports.