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Network+ Certification

Available Dates: July 23-27, Sept 17-21, Nov 12-16
Class Length: 5 day
Cost: $2,595

Class Outline:

Five days

This course is designed to provide network technicians and support staff with the foundation-level skills they need to install, operate, manage, maintain, and troubleshoot a corporate network. This course will help prepare students for the CompTIA Network+ 2012 certification exam. It should be noted that a course alone cannot prepare students for any CompTIA exam. It is important that students have the recommended work experience in IT networking prior to taking the exam. For the CompTIA Network+ 2012 certification, CompTIA recommends students have 9 to 12 months of experience in the IT support industry.

Table Of Contents:
Unit 1: Network basics
Topic A: Network concepts
Topic B: Network architectures
Topic C: The OSI model

Unit 2: Wired computer-to-computer connections
Topic A: Wired network connections
Topic B: Network interface cards and modems

Unit 3: Network-to-network connections
Topic A: Network-to-network connection components
Topic B: LAN wiring
Topic C: LAN wiring tests

Unit 4: Wired internetworking devices
Topic A: Basic internetworking devices
Topic B: Specialized internetworking devices

Unit 5: Wired communication standards
Topic A: The TCP/IP protocol suite
Topic B: TCP/IP
Topic C: DHCP servers

Unit 6: Wireless networking
Topic A: Wireless network devices
Topic B: Wireless networking standards
Topic C: Wireless configuration

Unit 7: Security threats and mitigation
Topic A: Security threats
Topic B: Threat mitigation

Unit 8: Security practices
Topic A: Operating systems
Topic B: Devices

Unit 9: Network access control
Topic A: Authentication
Topic B: Public key cryptography
Topic C: Remote access
Topic D: Wireless security

Unit 10: Monitoring
Topic A: Monitoring resources
Topic B: Event Viewer

Unit 11: Troubleshooting
Topic A: Troubleshooting basics
Topic B: Troubleshooting the network
Topic C: Troubleshooting scenarios

Appendix A: Certification exam objectives map
Topic A: Comprehensive exam objectives

Appendix B: CompTIA Network+ Acronyms
Topic A: Acronym list