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CompTIA RFID+ Certification

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Class Length: 3 day
Cost: $1,497

Class Outline:

Course Description:
This course prepares students for the current CompTIA RFID+ certification exam. Students will learn how to set up and manage RFID systems to track inventory, goods, vehicles, and even people. They will also learn about the physics and radio principles that enable RFID solutions. Comes with MeasureUp exam prep software.

Table Of Contents:
Unit 1: Introduction to RFID
Topic A: RFID basics

Unit 2: RF physics
Topic A: RF propagation
Topic B: Antenna field performance
Topic C: Radiated power output

Unit 3: Interrogation zone basics
Topic A: Interrogators
Topic B: Dense environments
Topic C: Configuring interrogation zones

Unit 4: Regulations and standards
Topic A: Regulations
Topic B: RFID standards

Unit 5: Characteristics of tags
Topic A: Basics of tags
Topic B: Components of tags
Topic C: Packaging

Unit 6: Tag implementation
Topic A: Interaction between tags and interrogators
Topic B: Factors affecting tag performance
Topic C: Selection and placement of tags

Unit 7: Site analysis
Topic A: Electrical environmental conditions
Topic B: Physical environmental conditions
Topic C: Coverage area
Topic D: Site blueprints

Unit 8: Design selection
Topic A: Virtual components of RFID systems
Topic B: Hardware components of RFID

Unit 9: Installation
Topic A: Hardware installation
Topic B: Installing RFID systems

Unit 10: Monitoring and troubleshooting
Topic A: Analyzing read rates
Topic B: Troubleshooting tag failure
Topic C: Troubleshooting software

Unit 11: RFID peripherals
Topic A: RFID printers
Topic B: RFID enterprise systems