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Cloud Essentials Certification

Available Dates: Aug 15-17, Oct 24-26, Dec 3-5
Class Length: 3 day
Cost: $1,650

Class Outline:

The CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification focuses on the real-world issues and practical solutions of cloud computing in business and IT. It’s the preferred cloud certification for business professionals and non-IT staff. While it isn’t a technical-heavy certification, its coverage of cloud computing principles is anything but superficial.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Introduction to Cloud Computing
Topic A: Overview of Cloud Computing
Topic B: Evolution of the Cloud
Topic C: Specialized Cloud Services

Module 2: Business Value of Cloud Computing
Topic A: Business Need for Cloud Computing
Topic B: Cloud Scalability
Topic C: Cloud Security
Topic D: Impact of Cloud Computing on Business

Module 3: Technical Perspectives of Cloud Computing
Topic A: The Cloud Deployment Models
Topic B: Network Requirements for Cloud Deployment
Topic C: Automation and Self-Service in Cloud Computing
Topic D: Federated Cloud Services
Topic E: Standardization

Module 4: Technical Challenges of Cloud Computing
Topic A: Cloud Storage
Topic B: Application Performance
Topic C: Data Integration
Topic D: Security Risks and Mitigation
Topic E: Application Architecture and the Development Process

Module 5: Steps to Successful Adoption of Cloud Services
Topic A: Steps to Adopting Cloud Services
Topic B: Organizational Capability to Adopt Cloud Services
Topic C: Cloud Vendor Roles and Capabilities
Topic D: Migrating Applications to the Cloud

Module 6: ITIL and Cloud Computing
Topic A: Overview of ITIL
Topic B: Planning Service Strategy
Topic C: Designing Cloud Service
Topic D: Transitioning to Live Environment
Topic E: Running a Cloud Service Operation
Topic F: Continual Service Improvement with Cloud

Module 7: Identifying Risks and Consequences
Topic A: Organizational Risks
Topic B: Technical Risks
Topic C: Legal Risks
Topic D: Cost Evaluation for Cloud Computing
Topic E: Identify Maintenance Aspects of Strategic Flexibility