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A+ Certification

Available Dates: July 16-20, Sept 10-14, Nov 5-9
Class Length: 5 day
Cost: $2,595

Class Outline:

This course provides comprehensive training for students who already have some existing knowledge of, and support experience with, networked desktop and notebook computers running Windows 2000 Professional or any Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 operating system. This course will prepare students, at an accelerated pace, for the two exams that make up the A+ certification 2012 Edition: 220-801 and 220-802. Students will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to perform the following tasks on personal computer hardware and operating systems: installation, PC building, system upgrades, repair, system configuration, troubleshooting, problem diagnosis, and preventative maintenance.

Table of Contents:
Unit 1: Troubleshooting methodology
Topic A: Troubleshooting models
Topic B: Professionalism

Unit 2: Operating systems
Topic A: Operating system fundamentals
Topic B: Directory management
Topic C: File management
Topic D: File and folder permissions

Unit 3: Electricity and power supplies
Topic A: Electrical safety
Topic B: Power supplies
Topic C: Power supply troubleshooting

Unit 4: CPUs and motherboards
Topic A: Central processing units
Topic B: Cooling techniques
Topic C: Motherboards
Topic D: Motherboard and CPU troubleshooting

Unit 5: The Basic Input/Output System
Topic A: The BIOS and CMOS
Topic B: The POST and boot processes

Unit 6: Memory systems
Topic A: Memory
Topic B: Memory packaging
Topic C: Memory installation
Topic D: Memory monitoring
Topic E: Memory troubleshooting

Unit 7: Bus structures
Topic A: Buses
Topic B: The PCI bus
Topic C: Video buses

Unit 8: Expansion cards
Topic A: Video cards
Topic B: Sound cards
Topic C: Internal modems
Topic D: Expansion card troubleshooting

Unit 9: Peripheral connection types
Topic A: Serial and parallel connections
Topic B: PS/2 connections
Topic C: USB connections
Topic D: FireWire connections
Topic E: Multimedia connections
Topic F: Troubleshooting peripheral connections

Unit 10: Data storage devices
Topic A: Drive adapters
Topic B: Hard drives
Topic C: Optical drives
Topic D: Removable storage devices
Topic E: Drive maintenance
Topic F: Storage device troubleshooting

Unit 11: Video output and image input devices
Topic A: Monitors
Topic B: Scanners and cameras

Unit 12: Printers
Topic A: Printing technologies
Topic B: Printer installation
Topic C: Printer optimization and maintenance
Topic D: Printer troubleshooting

Unit 13: Connecting computers
Topic A: Networking concepts
Topic B: Wired network connections
Topic C: Basic internetworking devices

Unit 14: Networking computers
Topic A: Addressing
Topic B: Client configuration

Unit 15: Network troubleshooting
Topic A: Troubleshooting basics
Topic B: Troubleshooting the network

Unit 16: Portable computers
Topic A: Notebook computers
Topic B: Configuration
Topic C: Component replacement
Topic D: Notebook issues

Unit 17: Windows management
Topic A: System management
Topic B: Task Scheduler
Topic C: Resource management
Topic D: Remote management

Unit 18: Windows monitoring
Topic A: Monitoring
Topic B: System performance
Topic C: Backup and restore

Unit 19: Operating system troubleshooting
Topic A: Windows startup
Topic B: System troubleshooting

Unit 20: Security
Topic A: Operating system security
Topic B: Windows Encrypted File System
Topic C: Security hardware
Topic D: Common security threats
Topic E: The human aspects of security

Unit 21: Windows installation and upgrades
Topic A: Windows installation
Topic B: Upgrades

Unit 22: Safety and maintenance
Topic A: Safety and hazards
Topic B: Computer maintenance
Topic C: Safe work practices
Topic D: Disposing of computer equipment