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Advanced JavaScript Programming

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Class Length: 1 day
Cost: Call for Pricing

Class Outline:

Course Content:

Lesson 1: Error-handling and Debugging
Topic 1A: Common Scripting Errors
Topic 1B: Using the Microsoft Windows Script Debugger
Topic 1C: Language-based Debugging and Error Handling

Lesson 2: Custom Objects
Topic 2A: Introduction to Objects
Topic 2B: Constructor Functions
Topic 2C: Methods

Lesson 3: Arrays
Topic 3A: Introduction to Arrays
Topic 3B: Creating and Populating Arrays
Topic 3C: Deleting Array Elements
Topic 3D: Multi-dimensional Arrays

Lesson 4: Displaying and Manipulating Data Tables
Topic 4A: Loading Data
Topic 4B: Selecting Data for Display
Topic 4C: Searching Data for Display
Topic 4D: Sorting Data for Display

Lesson 5: Cookies
Topic 5A: Introduction to the Cookie Object
Topic 5B: Storing Cookies
Topic 5C: Reading and Processing Cookie Values
Topic 5D: Deleting Cookies

Lesson 6: Communicating With Applets
Topic 6A: Communicating With Java Applets
Topic 6B: Communicating With Director Shockwave Movies
Topic 6C: Communicating with ActiveX