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Photoshop CS5: Production

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Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $399

Class Outline:

This course focuses on the specific information needed to create professional-looking images for high-end business printers and commercial print shops. In this course, students will learn project management basics and how to create layer comps. They will also learn how to optimize color management for print. They will explore various techniques for adjusting the quality of an image and making color adjustments. Students will learn how to use CYMK separations for prepress, customize ink options, and adjust CYMK curves. Students will also explore various options for using grayscale, spot-color, and duotones. Finally, they will learn how to optimize images for the Web, balancing quality and file size, and how to prepare images for use in video productions.

Table of Contents:
Unit 1: Project management
Topic A: Project plans
Topic B: Layer comps
Topic C: Design principles

Unit 2: Color management
Topic A: Color management basics
Topic B: Color space conversion
Topic C: Printing with color management

Unit 3: Photographic techniques
Topic A: The camera raw format
Topic B: Photographic adjustments
Topic C: Lens adjustments
Topic D: Merging images

Unit 4: RGB image adjustments
Topic A: Color correction principles
Topic B: Measuring color
Topic C: Automatic adjustments
Topic D: Curves adjustments
Topic E: Hand-retouching color
Topic F: Color replacement

Unit 5: CMYK separations
Topic A: Prepress color settings
Topic B: CMYK image adjustments
Topic C: Sharpening

Unit 6: Grayscale and spot colors
Topic A: Grayscale conversion
Topic B: Spot-color images
Topic C: Duotones

Unit 7: Web and video images
Topic A: Web image size
Topic B: Optimizing images for the Web
Topic C: Fine-tuning quality
Topic D: Creating transparency
Topic E: Preparing images for video