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Fireworks CS5/CS6: Level 2

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Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $399

Class Outline:

Days: 1

Prerequisites: Fireworks CS3: Basic or equivalent experience

Unit 1 : Complex shapes and paths

Topic A: Freeform drawing

A-1: Using the Vector Path tool

A-2: Using the Redraw Path tool

A-3: Using the Freeform tool

A-4: Using the Reshape Area tool

Topic B: The Pen tool

B-1: Creating paths with the Pen tool

B-2: Adjusting anchor point handles

B-3: Adding anchor points to a path

Unit 2 : Layering and blending

Topic A: Layers

A-1: Creating layers

A-2: Hiding and locking layers

A-3: Duplicating layers

A-4: Changing the stacking order

Topic B: The grid

B-1: Setting up a grid

B-2: Aligning items to a grid

Topic C: Masking and blending modes

C-1: Creating basic masks

C-2: Creating a grayscale vector mask

C-3: Manipulating mask objects

C-4: Blending an item with underlying content

Unit 3 : Effects and image adjustments

Topic A: Styles

A-1: Applying a style

A-2: Creating a custom style

Topic B: Graphic symbols

B-1: Creating graphic symbols

B-2: Updating a graphic symbol

Topic C: Adjusting images

C-1: Adjusting contrast with levels

C-2: Sharpening an image

C-3: Fine-tuning tonal ranges with curves

Topic D: Retouching images

D-1: Removing red eye

D-2: Altering a bitmap image with the Rubber Stamp tool

Unit 4 : Interactive graphics

Topic A: Buttons

A-1: Creating a button symbol

A-2: Applying button states

A-3: Previewing buttons

A-4: Editing button instances

Topic B: 0 Rollover effects

B-1: Creating polygon slices

B-2: Establishing rollover graphics

B-3: Creating a simple rollover

B-4: Creating rollovers for overlapping slices

B-5: Creating disjoint rollovers

Topic C: Pop-up menus

C-1: Creating pop-up menu entries

C-2: Formatting pop-up menu entries

C-3: Editing pop-up menus

C-4: Updating a style sheet

Topic D: Image maps

D-1: Creating an image map

Unit 5 : Animation

Topic A: Frame-by-frame animation

A-1: Exploring an animation

A-2: Opening multiple files as frames

A-3: Copying content to multiple frames

A-4: Duplicating and editing frames

Topic B: Automated animation

B-1: Creating animation symbols

B-2: Adjusting animation symbol instances

B-3: Tweening graphic symbol instances

B-4: Editing multiple frames by using onion skinning

Topic C: Exporting animations

C-1: Testing an animation

C-2: Exporting an animation

Unit 6 : Efficiency boosters

Topic A: 0 The Find panel

A-1: Finding and replacing a color

Topic B: The History panel

B-1: Replaying recorded steps

B-2: Creating a command

Topic C: Automation

C-1: Exporting multiple files by using a batch process

C-2: Running scripts

Topic D: 0 Custom keyboard shortcuts

D-1: Creating a custom keyboard shortcut