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Contribute CS3/CS4 Level 1

Available Dates: Request Dates
Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $299

Class Outline:

Prerequisites: Windows XP: Basic or equivalent experience

Unit 1 : Getting started

Topic A: 0 Internet basics

A-1: Discussing the Web and HTML

Topic B: 0 Site connections

B-1: Discussing connections

B-2: Using the Connection Wizard

B-3: Editing a connection

Topic C: 0 Site administration

C-1: Discussing roles

C-2: Setting up administration

C-3: Sharing site connections

C-4: Removing a site connection

C-5: Importing a connection key

Topic D: 0 The Contribute workspace

D-1: Identifying Contribute interface components

Topic E: 0 Contribute Help

E-1: Using Contribute Help

E-2: Using the How Do I panel

Unit 2 : Web pages

Topic A: 0 Templates and blank pages

A-1: Browsing a site

A-2: Using Starter Web Pages

A-3: Saving and canceling a draft page

A-4: Using Dreamweaver templates

A-5: Creating a new blank page

Topic B: 0 Page properties

B-1: Viewing page properties

B-2: Setting page properties

Topic C: 0 Keywords and description

C-1: Adding keywords and a description

Topic D: 0 Publishing

D-1: Publishing a page

Unit 3 : Working with text

Topic A: 0 Basic text formatting

A-1: Adding text to a page

A-2: Formatting with HTML

A-3: Formatting with CSS styles

Topic B: 0 Advanced text formatting

B-1: Creating a list

B-2: Inserting special characters

B-3: Inserting the date

Topic C: 0 Text editing

C-1: Finding and replacing text

C-2: Checking spelling

Topic D: 0 Links

D-1: Linking to a draft

D-2: Linking to an e-mail address

D-3: Adding section anchors

Topic E: 0 Tables

E-1: Inserting a table and adding text

E-2: Editing a table’s properties

Unit 4 : Images and media

Topic A: 0 Images

A-1: Discussing image formats

A-2: Inserting an image

A-3: Setting image properties

Topic B: 0 Media

B-1: Inserting a Flash movie

B-2: Inserting a Flash video

Unit 5 : Web site workflow

Topic A: 0 Roles

A-1: Examining roles

A-2: Creating a new role

A-3: Editing with a custom role

Topic B: 0 Review

B-1: Sending a page for review

B-2: Reviewing a page

Unit 6 : Blogs

Topic A: 0 Blog connections

A-1: Connecting to a blog

Topic B: 0 Blog entries

B-1: Opening a blog entry

B-2: Editing a blog entry

B-3: Creating a new blog entry

B-4: Adding video to a blog entry

Topic C: 0 Blog preferences and metadata

C-1: Setting blog preferences

C-2: Adjusting an entry’s metadata