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Cold Fusion 8: Level 2

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Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $425

Class Outline:

Course Description

You have created dynamic, non-database-driven websites using Adobe ColdFusion 8. Most professionally-built and complex websites are powered by a database. In the Adobe ColdFusion 8: Level 2 course, you will build dynamic, database-driven websites.

You will retrieve information from a database and display it on a web page, enable drill-down functionality through which users can view detailed information on demand, display subsets of data through a recordset navigation system, enable database-driven searching capabilities, and add features that lets you build reports and add charts to your website.


Lesson 1: Displaying Database Information on a Web Page
Topic 1A: Plan a Database-Driven Site
Topic 1B: Connect to a Database
Topic 1C: Retrieve Data from the Database
Topic 1D: Query a Query

Lesson 2: Creating a Data Drill-Down Application
Topic 2A: Plan a Data Drill-Down Application
Topic 2B: Build a Drill-Down Application

Lesson 3: Displaying Subsets Data on Demand
Topic 3A: Plan the Recordset Navigation Scheme and Components
Topic 3B: Enable Recordset Navigation
Topic 3C: Output the Number of Next and Previous Records
Topic 3D: Format Output of Data Based on the Plan

Lesson 4: Adding Search Features
Topic 4A: Plan the Search Feature
Topic 4B: Create a Dynamic Search Form
Topic 4C: Develop the Search Results Template
Topic 4D: Handle �No Records Found� Conditions
Topic 4E: Add a Single-Keyword Search Functionality
Topic 4F: Add a Multiple-Keyword Search Functionality
Topic 4G: Enhance the Search Functionality with the Verity Search Engine

Lesson 5: Creating Reusable Code
Topic 5A: Create a User-Defined Function
Topic 5B: Create a Custom Tag
Topic 5C: Prepare a Custom Tag to be Shared

Lesson 6: Working with Reports, Charts, and Forms
Topic 6A: Create Reports in ColdFusion
Topic 6B: Create a Basic Chart
Topic 6C: Create an AJAX Form

Appendix A: Application Events and Application.cfc

Appendix B: Enterprise Manager

Appendix C: .NET Assembly Support

Appendix D: Adobe Flex