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Adobe RoboHelp 9: The Essentials

Available Dates: Request Dates
Class Length: 2 day
Cost: $699

Class Outline:

RoboHelp is the industry standard for Help authoring. It's the preferred program if you are a Help author, technical writer, or programmer tasked with creating Help systems for desktop or Web-based applications.

Table of Contents:
Introduction to RoboHelp
Preview a Help System
Create a RoboHelp Project
Explore the Pods
Create a Workspace
Retitle/Rename a Project
Edit an Existing Topic
Create a New Topic
Rename and Delete Topics
Create a TOC Book
Add, Delete and Rename TOC Books
Organize TOC Books
Specify a Default Topic
Generate a Layout

Adding Content and Project Structure
Create a Blank Project
Import an HTML File
Import a Word Document
Import a FrameMaker File
Rename Topic Titles
Create Project Folders
Auto-Create a TOC

Topic Formatting
Apply a Style Sheet to a Topic
Apply Styles to Selected Paragraphs
Create a New Style Sheet
Create a Font Set
Use Inline Formatting
Create a Character Style
Use Spell Check
Find and Replace Text
Generate Compliant WebHelp
Create a PDF for Review
Import Comments from a PDF

Generate FlashHelp Output
Link to a Word Document
Edit a Linked Word Document
Create a New Toolbar
Add Commands to a Toolbar
Insert Hyperlinks
Insert Bookmarks
Import a PDF Document
Insert Auto-Sizing Popups
Insert Custom-Sized Popups
Insert a Text-Only Popup
Use Link View
Resolve Broken Links

Graphics and Multimedia
Insert an Image
Add an Image Margin
Rename an Image
Add a Background Image
Add Hotspots to a Graphic
Add Sound to a Topic
Import and Format Topics
Insert an Adobe Captivate Demo
Create a Screen Capture

Build Tags, Variables and Snippets
Create a Conditional Build Tag
Apply a Conditional Build Tag
Define a Condition
Create a New TOC
Apply Topic-level Tags
Create Content Categories
Create a User Variable
Insert and Edit a Variable
Create a Snippet
Add a Snippet to a Topic

Tables and DHTML
Insert a Table
Insert a Table Row
Work with Table Styles
Change Table Properties
Add a Horizontal Line
Insert a Symbol
Add a Bulleted List
Create a List Style
Edit a List Style
Apply a Fade-in DHTML Effect
Apply Fly-in DHTML Effects
Work With Positioned Text Boxes
Create a Trigger

Indexes, Search and Glossaries
Run the Smart Index Wizard
Remove and Add Index Entries
Add Keywords via Topic Properties
Add Subkeywords to the Index
Create a See Also Keyword
Insert a Link Control
Add Custom Search Terms
Create External Search
Add Glossary Terms

Skins and Master Pages
Attach a Skin to a Layout
Create a Custom Skin
Customize the Search Highlight Color
Create a Master Page
Edit a Master Page
Add Breadcrumbs to a Master Page
Add a Mini TOC to a Topic

Windows, Browsing and CSH
Create a Custom Window
Create a Browse Sequence
Publish a Layout
Start Application Help
Review CSH Source Code
Create a Custom WebHelp Window
Assign Map IDs

Docs, ePub, Scripts & AIR Help
Enable Word Macros
Generate a Print Doc
Create an ePub Layout
Generate an ePub File
Generate a Report
Run a Script
Edit a Script
Create an Adobe AIR Layout
Create Browser Based AIR Help
Create Adobe AIR Application Help

Forms and Frames
Create a New Topic
Insert a Form and Form Element
Add Radio Buttons
Add HTML Code to a Topic
Add a Check Box
Insert a Drop-Down Menu
Add a Multi-line Text Field
Add Submit and Reset Buttons
Name a Form and Set an Action
Import HTML Files
Create a Frameset
Modify Frameset Attributes
Link Topics Into Frameset Regions