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Adobe Framemaker 9

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Class Length: 3 day
Cost: $1,497

Class Outline:

In this three day course students will learn the fundamentals and advanced topics in Adobe Framemaker 9. Topics covered include an introduction to the product, formatting documents, page layout, defining colors and character formats, working with graphics, using anchored graphics and frames, editing documents, formatting tables, customizing Tables, adding cross-references and footnotes, generating Books, creating Indexes, conditional Text, and finally working with Hypertext and PDF.

Course Outline:

Lesson 1: Exploring Adobe Framemaker 9
Lesson overview
Getting started
Using the welcome screen
Opening a document

Lesson 2: Formatting Documents
Lesson overview
Basic text features and formatting
Exploring templates
Customizing your options
Formatting headings
About the paragraph designer
Redefining formats with the paragraph designer
Formatting text elements
Body text
Numbered lists
Formatting a chapter title
Deleting formats

Lesson 3: Page layout
Lesson overview
Getting started
Changing column layout
Displaying master pages
Headers and footers
Numbering pages
Creating running headers and footers
Finishing the footers
Custom master pages
Creating a custom master page
Modifying a custom master page

Lesson 4: Defining Colors and Character Formats
Lesson overview
Getting started
Defining custom colors and tints
Adding color to paragraph formats
Adding color to autonumbers
Creating a character format
Applying the character format for autonumbers

Lesson 5: Working with Graphics
Lesson overview
Customizing master pages
Adjusting header and footer frames for graphics
Working with graphics
Masking part of a graphic
Copying and altering graphics
Drawing Lines
Drawing one more rectangle
Positioning objects
Aligning objects
Distributing objects

Lesson 6: Using Anchored Graphics and Frames
Lesson overview
About anchored frames
Importing a graphic into an anchored frame
Editing anchored frames
Resizing an anchored frame
Anchoring graphics at the bottom of the column
Positioning an anchored frame outside the column
Copying anchored frames
Working with inline graphics

Lesson 7: Editing Documents
Lesson overview
Getting started
Hiding graphics
Creating and using variables
Defining a user variables
Inserting variables
Changing existing information
Finding and changing text
Changing a variable definition
Thesaurus and spelling checker
Using the thesaurus
Checking spelling

Lesson 8: Formatting Tables
Lesson overview
Table basics
Inserting a table
Filling in the table
Adding rows and columns
Modifying table information
Rearranging information
Formatting text in table cells
Changing table structure and appearance
Resizing columns
Formatting a row

Lesson 9: Customizing Tables
Lesson overview
Getting started
Importing text into a table
Formatting the imported table data
Formatting body cells
Setting basic table properties
Spacing and cell margins
Resizing columns
Straddling cells
Working with titles
Adding a title to a table
Deleting a table’s title
Ruling styles
Defining ruling styles
Fine-tuning table ruling
Saving a new table format
Custom ruling and shading

Lesson 10: Adding Cross References and Footnotes
Lesson overview
Getting started
Internal cross-reference
Viewing a paragraph cross-reference
External cross-reference
Add troubleshooting.fm to your workspace
Inserting footnotes
Changing how footnotes look

Lesson 11: Generating Books
Lesson overview
Getting started
Book file basics
Creating a book file
Adding documents to the book
Opening files from the book window
Table of contents
Adding a table of contents
Generating the table of contents
Pagination and numbering
Setting up page numbering
Fixing the pagination
Making book format changes
Changing the TOC layout
Adding a title
Formatting TOC entries
Changing paragraph formats
Adding tab leader dots

Lesson 12: Creating Indexes
Lesson overview
Getting started
Adding an index to a book
Formatting the index
Changing the page layout
Formatting main entires
Formatting subentries
Formatting group titles
Adding and editing index entries
Adding primary and secondary index entries
Editing index entries

Lesson 13: Conditional Text
Lesson overview
Viewing conditional text
Adding and managing conditional text
Setting up the document
Creating condition tags
Adding conditional text
Tagging text as you type
Saving versions of conditional documents

Lesson 14: Working with Hypertext and PDF
Lesson overview
Creating hypertext TOC and index
Including links in a TOC and index
Using a hypertext TOC and index
Testing a cross-reference link
Formatting a hypertext cross reference
Saving as HTML
Saving as PDF