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Adobe eLearning Suite

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Class Length: 5 day
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Class Outline:

Course Description
This training course will give students a solid foundation in Captivate, Flash and the other eLearning Suite tools. After completing the week-long eLearning course, students will have the knowledge and hands-on practice they need to create sophisticated eLearning content.

The goal is to provide a solid foundation in the key content development applications - Captivate and Flash - while providing critical workflow examples using Photoshop, Acrobat, Dreamweaver, SoundBooth and Presenter.

Course Outline

Day One - Captivate
Learn the foundations of Captivate with a focus on Captivate workflow and soft skill training.
•Lesson 1: Captivate 4 Workflow Essentials
•Lesson 2: Captivate 4 Overview
•Lesson 3: Templates
•Lesson 4: Soft Skill Training - Adding Assets
•Lesson 5: Soft Skill Training - Interactivity

Day Two - Captivate
The Captivate training continues with an overview of creating simulations and scenario based training. Quiz questions and publishing are also covered.
•Lesson 6: Application Training – Recording Demonstrations
•Lesson 7: Application Training – Recording Simulations
•Lesson 8: Scenarios and Branching
•Lesson 9: Audio in Captivate
•Lesson 10: Building Quizzes
•Lesson 11: Publishing

Day Three - Flash
Learn the power of one of the greatest multimedia tools of all time - Flash. Understand the Flash Timeline and build your first animation.
•Lesson 12: Learning the Interface
•Lesson 13: Drawing in Flash
•Lesson 14: Managing Assets
•Lesson 15: Working with Symbols
•Lesson 16: Animation Basics

Day Four - Flash
Extend the capabilities of your Flash applications with interactivity, audio, video and ActionScript. Learn the connection between Captivate and Flash and how to buid eLearning interactions in Flash.
•Lesson 17: Working with Text
•Lesson 18: Using Buttons
•Lesson 19: Using Flash Video and Sound
•Lesson 20: Introduction to ActionScript
•Lesson 21: Flash eLearning Interactions and Captivate workflow

Day Five - Presenter and Editing Tools
This final day will allow you to experience all the other tools in the eLearning Suite. You will learn to use Photoshop and SoundBooth for roundtrip editing, and how to convert PowerPoint presentations to Flash based media with Presenter. Dreamweaver will be used to create and hold eLearning content.
•Lesson 23: Using Adobe Presenter
•Lesson 24: Soundbooth: Quick Audio Editing and Creation
•Lesson 25: Photoshop: Import to Captivate and Edit Images
•Lesson 26: Dreamweaver: Editing HTML and CourseBuilder Interactions
•Lesson 27: eLearning Publishing Strategies