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Acrobat X: Level 2

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Class Length: 1 day
Cost: $299

Class Outline:

This course builds on the fundamentals taught in Acrobat X Pro: Basic. Students will learn how to produce high-quality PDF documents for press. They will learn how to discover geospatial data in a PDF map. They will learn prepress techniques including color management, proofing and converting colors, color separations, managing inks, trapping, and transparency flattening. Students will use the Preflight feature to test and convert a document to comply with print provider requirements or ISO 9000 standards such as PDF/X, PDF/A, or PDF/E. Students will learn to create interactive forms using both the Form Editor as well as LiveCycle Designer ES2. They will learn to distribute PDF documents and forms, and to compile form data returned from users.

Table Of Contents:
Unit 1: High-quality PDFs
Topic A: PDF generation methods
Topic B: PDF file attributes
Topic C: PDF settings
Topic D: Geospatial data

Unit 2: Color management
Topic A: Color management basics
Topic B: Color management workflow
Topic C: Soft-proofing colors
Topic D: Converting colors

Unit 3: Color separations
Topic A: Color separation setup
Topic B: Separations preview
Topic C: Ink Manager
Topic D: Trapping
Topic E: Transparency flattening
Topic F: Printing color separations

Unit 4: Preflight and validation
Topic A: Print problems
Topic B: Preflight profiles
Topic C: Preflight reports
Topic D: Preflight droplets
Topic E: Validation and conversion

Unit 5: Interactive PDF forms
Topic A: Forms and LiveCycle Designer ES2
Topic B: Creating a form
Topic C: Working with form fields
Topic D: Modifying a form
Topic E: Testing a form

Unit 6: PDF distribution and management
Topic A: PDF distribution
Topic B: Form management